Leah Remini Shares Upsetting Details Of Katie Holmes’ Custody Agreement

Source : https://bit.ly/2pXWnhF
King of Queens star Leah Remini has been making headlines nonstop since her reality series Scientology and the Aftermath launched in 2015.

The actress, once a member of the controversial Church of Scientology, now interviews former members who say they have “escaped” the religion.
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TODAY’s Matt Lauer sits down with Katie Holmes, who plays the ex-wife of Channing Tatum’s character in the new heist film “Logan Lucky.” She says it was “daunting” doing a West Virginia accent for the movie. She also talks about Suri, her 11-year-old daughter with Tom Cruise, saying “she’s a great girl and doing so well.”
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Katie Holmes Talks About ‘Logan Lucky,’ ‘Ocean’s Eight’ and Suri at 11 | TODAY
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  1. Leah would have no reason to lie and if she did that organization would take her to court for making defaming remarks. If anyone knows how that organization rolls Leah would know since she's spent the majority of her life under their teachings.

  2. No, it's not possible. Scientology cannot dictate custody of a child. Even if Katie signed an agreement to this effect, it would not be binding. It's called a void contract. This means if you have a contract with someone, but the details are illegal in the first place, no court can enforce it. An example would be if someone sued another over the purchase of cocaine which turned out to be powdered sugar, the first person would not be successful in a lawsuit against the other person for breach of contract.

  3. Absolutely and wish Katie could stand up to him. Same problems with Fundemental Mormons which have changed the original LDS Latter Day Saints and branched off itnto what they would like to believe. I no longer believe in either. I just believe in God in my own way and am a Christian and respect others as long as they don’t tell me what to beleive. You know when u pray and it is in ur heart.

  4. Please watch the Scientology & the Aftermath episode on Scientology & the NOI. This will give you an idea how NOI treats someone who questions Scientology. It is VERY eye opening.

    Scientology uses people. All people. You might get treated differently if you are a rich or a celebrity, but they are used, too. Only to promote the sale of books & "church" services, to enrich the leader of the cult. AKA Cult of $cientology.

    also there is a FaceBook group, started in 2012, "Scientology Invasion of the Black Community." DON'T LET THE CULT OF $CIENTOLOGY PERVERT THE FAITH OF TRUE NOI.

  5. So I’m not gonna say one way or the other but from different interviews Leah has said that the “cult” does not get on the internet bc they are discouraged from it.. or she took it to the church, and anything she learned was from them. So by reading the comments from all the videos that I’ve watched I believe her.. not one person has spoken against her claims of anything. So if one things true… I believe her. I wish these people would come to my house. Do a p.i. Dig into my past. Shame on u for praying on people. You are a cult and I can’t wait til you meet all our maker.

  6. being an ex-member of this stupid cult and knowing several ex-high officials, she would have real knowledge of the kinds of separation agreements that the cult would require. I believe she knows what she is talking about.

  7. Yes.. i absolutely believe Leah.. because scientologists are total nutjobs,& aggressively go after anyone that speaks out about their abusive behaviors, or even leaves the organization.. its so sad how many families have been ripped apart from their oppressive rules. Bizarre mentality for a "church". Nothing to do with Jesus, or Heavenly Father God…..

  8. Yep Cruise is filthy rich and gives to the cult. The cult leader 's wife has disappeared not to be seen again. But you do know that Nicole Kidman's dad was a known paedophile, and it's been alleged that she took part in sexual abuse ceremonies.

  9. Ah yes,..Leah has gone under the knife recently and had filler pumped into her lips…..

  10. Most likely they have something in Cruise so he can't see his daughter , so he puts this so called religion ahead of her, I have no respect for him at all thank God Suri has a good mom like Kate.

  11. This woman turned down replaying Rachel Daws in The Dark Knight for Mad Money i mean what the fuzz 😉

  12. Katie is just eye candy…din't have much answers…couldn't even think of a favorite heist movie.

  13. Katie Holmes is gross. She always looks like she's trying to push out a fart really hard

  14. what tom cruise saw her he beyond me she is so bloody boring and personality of cardboard cut out she talks like she is 3 years old tom put gag order her he should gag years ago .she bloody bore

  15. Give the DIALECT COACH some credit damn…I mean only celebrities are SO SELF absorbed they can't even give anyone credit. Do you know that would have done for the DC. I mean come on.

  16. I thought the movie was suppose to be a comedy. I only heard one laugh in the theater the whole time. They showed the best parts in rhe preview. Definitely do not recommend seeing it.

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