Sisanie Argues With Michael About Cutting Maxon's Hair | On Air With Ryan Seacrest

When is the right time for your baby’s first haircut? Sisanie shared on-air on Wednesday, May 15, that she’s arguing with her husband, Michael, over wanting to cut their son Maxon’s hair.


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  1. i would agree. get the hair out of the face. it can be very annoying to have hair in the face and constantly have to brush it out of the way and have it in the face. hair can be a nightmare to deal with. and plus, it'll grow back. i use to have bangs and they were just a pain the neck to deal with.

  2. Ask yourself this question sisane: if that was Aizas hair that was a little struggling to stay kept up to your standard if u would trim it or just let it grow long because she’s likely to like it anyways. Boys aren’t like that you think.

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