Face powder with Botox for handbags

New celebrity hype:

Face powder with Botox for handbags

It’s the celebrity beauty hype: HYDROLON, a face powder with Botox! It is supposed to reduce wrinkles and make the skin look visibly younger.

For the first time, a cosmetics company has succeeded in incorporating micro-small liquid pearls into a face powder called HYDROLON, which is filled with Botox. When applied to the facial skin, the liquid pearls open up, and the active ingredient is released directly onto the skin. In this way, wrinkles are visibly reduced within only 1 hour.

In addition, HYDROLON should cover the skin lightly. The face powder is made of Biotulin. According to international media reports, Meghan Markle, Queen Letizia of Spain, Madonna, Michelle Obama, Leonardo Dicaprio and many others are already using this cosmetics product.

You can buy this face powder at www.biotulin.com