How to Wear All White After Memorial Day, Or Whenever You Damn Please

In the parts of America that are afflicted with actual seasons, the impulse is to immediately dust off your favorite all-white look the moment the temperature climbs above 70 degrees fahrenheit. But no, you've been told by no one in particular at some point in your life when you blindly accepted conventional wisdom, not until after Memorial Day ! Naturally, as with most fashion maxims, that rule is meant to be broken—if not completely ignored. But before you bound off into the sun in an icy ensemble this holiday weekend, consider that there are indeed rules to this. There is a right way, and thus a wrong way, to wear white. Here, let Rihanna , Gisele , Cara Delevingne , Mila Kunis , Alicia Vikander , and more of the pages of W show you how to do it well. And then you can do it your own way, anyway. Just don't spill the rosé. Originally Appeared on W

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