Johnny Depp – Funny Moments (eng sub)

Johnny Depp - Funny Moments (eng sub)

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  1. This guy should be part of the Quentin Tarantino acting troupe now. He's just awesome.

  2. He seems to have some magical ability of being extremley unfunny, and somehow making that the funniest thing ever idk what is this man even. Lovely

  3. All johnny’s true fans were reveled after the scandal with that witch amber heard, i love johnny so much and i will support him through thick and thin

  4. He's sooo… I would call dry personality but it's sooo funny 😂 but I'm the one with dry ass humor😂

  5. Hi Johnny depp you are a amazing movie star and rock star and guitar player I am your biggest fan I love you Johnny you have great tours with your band Hollywood vampires 🎥🎬🤘♫♪♩🎤🎸

  6. I think I like him because his humor is like 15 year old who laughs at dumb stuff.

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