What Men Want 2019 – Taraji P. Henson and Kellan Lutz Movieclip

What Men Want 2019 – Taraji P. Henson and Kellan Lutz Movieclip; Fuckstastic’s inner thoughts was read by Ali and she’s so crazy coz she’s doin exactly what’s in his mind..😂😂
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Kellan also reveals that the ‘Twilight’ cast isn’t as close today as some might think.
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  1. the way taraji said "what the fuck!" reminds me of that vine when the kid puts the condom on their head "ma did i do it right?" "what the fuck!" slap

  2. First off I'm going to say is there nothing wrong with the guy or anyone liking BDSM and Leaning on the more kinker side in the bedroom but this was all to much for the first time i mean they bearly know each other i feel like he should have just ask her out on a date and i know rejection is always a possibility and can be scary but you have to atleast try and take a leap of faith what is the worse thing she can say no but thank you I'm not intrested right now anyway he should have just led her into some small talk in the elevator or either passing by her througth the hallway and he could have just casually ask her out on a date and got her phone number and try to get to know her and find out if they have a connection with each other and if they ever did reach the topic of sex and what they like in the bedroom on thier date he should be upfront and tell her what he likes in bed but i also understand where she was coming from she just wanted a quick and fun lay at the time but i can understand why she left it was all to much for her and i also feel like he should have just had regular sex with her the first time and then if they were were going to continue a sexual realshionship with each other then tell her that he is into meaning BDSM and explain what it is so and if she happens to be interested in what it is then slowly introduce her into it and he probably needs to give her a book or two to go into explaining more about the BDSM lifestyle so that way she would not be so shocked or surprised and leave out the door in the future

  3. I died when he just jogs down the hallway while holding her, it's such a small touch but it's so perfect.

  4. love Keller Lutz i think kristen stewart would invite him 2 her wedding but I hope it's not 2 stella

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